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We create Rey-Sol, Reina Luna in Patagonia to help ourselves and the planet to find its harmony. The forest, the river and the animals in rey-Sol, Reina Luna help to connect with the Big Mother Earth.

We are a vegetarian hostel and we promote Yoga meditations, healings, Chamanism,natural and vegetarian coocking, and natural construcction.

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We are located 130 Km from Bariloche, on the road 16 of Lago Puelo, 800 mts from the service station 'YPF' from the village, on the river side of Río Azul.

From Bariloche you have buses to Lago Puelo and El Bolsón. From Lago Puelo and El Bolsón you have buses each hour that go to the Lake and stops at our road sign. All the taxies -remises of this area know where we are located.

Bon Voyage.

Ruta Provincial 16, Km 13 - Lago Puelo - Chubut - Patagonia Argentina
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